About Us

4 Control, Inc. is a small, regional professional application company specializing in vegetation control of noxious weeds, nuisance weeds, brush and other invasive plants out of place. We are knowledgeable and experienced in the effective use of selective herbicides and application techniques targeting these problems. Our company is woman owned and classified under small businesses.

It is estimated that thousands of potential invasive plant species exist in the United States today, threatening native plant communities and agriculture. These invasive plants are able to adapt to harsh conditions allowing them to thrive and spread, posing an ever greater threat to thousands of acres. With the help of the proper application of selective herbicides these invasive species can be controlled over a period of time.


Service Area

4 Control, Inc has licensed applicators servicing Aquatic, Agricultural Field and Vegetable, Right-of-Way, and Turf and Ornamental sites in the following states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana.



One of our Hummers applying an application of plant growth regulator along the side of a highway to reduce
matenience costs.