Provides information on how to use herbicides along with mechanical biological and cultural control methods for Golf Course Management, Lawn and Landscape Management, Vegetation Management, Pest Management, and Vector Control.

CDMS provides data, information, and decision support to the agro-business and food industries.

Crop Production Services: Vegetation Management & Forestry, is a national distributor dedicated to providing innovative solutions and quality products for customers in the vegetation management industry.

Corteva Agriscience: Vegetation Management, provides information on a variety of products, application tips, and weed identification.

Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin
The mission of the Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin is to promote better stewardship of the natural resources of Wisconsin by advancing the understanding of invasive plants. They also sponsor several committees and groups to defend against the spread of invasive plants.

Midwest Invasive Plant Network
The Midwest Invasive Plant Network was formed to help reduce the impact of invasive plant species in the Midwest. Federal, State, and local governments, universities, industry, non profit organizations, and the general public are working together to address the treats through prevention, early detection and rapid response, control and management, research, and education.

Weed Identification & Management
Brought to you by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Weed Identification & Management is designed to help identify weeds, and provide useful information of weeds in the Midwest, specifically Wisconsin.

Weed Science Society of America
The Weed Science Society of America provides science-based information and fosters awareness of weeds and their impacts on the environment. They also promote research, education, and outreach activities related to weeds.

TechLine Invasive Plant News-October 2018
Can you identify the Japanese Chaff Flower? Learn about this subject and more though TechLine's quarterly newsletter. Innovative research, success stories, and tips for invasive plant management.