Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)

Purple loosestrife is a wetland perennial that can grow to be 7' tall. Plants will get larger and bushier with each year of growth.

Leaves: Each pair of leaves are at right angles to the pairs directly above and below it. Occasionally leaves appear in groups of three.

Flowers: Individual flowers have 5-7 pink-purple petals surrounding small yellow centers. Flower blooms July through September.

Fruits & Seeds: Fruit is a 2-valved capsule.

Roots: Large woody taproot stems with extensive rhizomes can send out up to 50 shoots.

Ecological threats

  • Purple loosestrife invades many types of wetlands including, wet meadows, marshes, river and stream banks, ponds, lake edges and ditches.
  • Once established it can quickly form dense stands that displace other emergent wetland species.

ploosestrife.jpg    ploosestrifeleaf.gif