Utility Right-of-Way


Advantages of Herbicide Application
Cost Effective
  • Herbicide application requires less labor and equipment than mechanical methods of control such as mowing and cutting 
Long Lasting Effects
  • Herbicide use offers residual effects (meaning re-treatment is only needed every few years), whereas mechanical methods require much more frequent attention
  • The use of selective herbicides targets only unwanted plants. Desirable low-growing shrubs, grasses, and flowers are undisturbed. This prevents erosion and has been proven to enhance wildlife habitat within utility rights-of-ways

 4 Control Customers

  • Clark Electric Cooperative
  • Jump River Electric Cooperative
  • Kaukauna Utilities
  • Oakdale Electric Cooperative
  • Pierce Pepin Electric Cooperative
  • Price Electrice Cooperative
  • Riverland Electric Cooperative
  • Scenic RIver Electric Cooperative
  • St. Croix Electric Cooperative
  • Xcel Energy
  • WPPI‚Äč

Treated Right-of-Way
Treated rights-of-ways provide utility companies easy access to lines for maintenance.There is no energy loss through grounding in treated rights of ways.

Non-Treated Right-of-Way
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Utility Substations
Total vegetation control at an Xcel Substation